TN house of representatives

Several new bills were heard in the Tennessee House on Tuesday, February 6, relating to abortion, schools, law enforcement, and more. 

HB1895 would create a criminal offense of abortion trafficking of a minor, and would allow civil action against any person who wrongful death of an unborn child aborted.

Another bill (HB1884) by Representative Yusuf Hakeem specifies that the offense of criminal abortion would not include when it is a medical emergency affecting the physical or mental health of of the pregnant person, or when the pregnancy was a result of rape or incest.

Regarding schools, HB0996 would prohibit topics related to sex being taught to students from Kindergarten through 5th grade as part of a "family life curriculum."

HB1909 would prevent any public educational entity from banning self defense weapons, that includes pepper spray, tasers, or similar devices.

Another bill (HB1605) would prohibit schools from displaying any public flag other that the United States flag and the official Tennessee state flag.

HB1899 would allow schools to employ retired law enforcement officers from a federal, state, or local agency and veterans of the United States to serve as SRO's on school premises.

HB1522 by Representative G.A. Hardaway would create a Class E felony for a law enforcement officer wearing a body camera to prevent the recording of evidence.

HB1719 would ensure that a defendant's financial standing does not affect the amount of bail given at trial.