2022 Storm Alert Weather Day SAWD

A Local 3 Storm Alert Weather Day is a day our weather team is keeping a close eye on weather conditions and wants you to do the same.

The Storm Alert team is constantly working to let you know in advance about weather that could affect your life. We want you to know what we are doing behind the scenes to keep you and your family safe. When our highly skilled team of meteorologists sees potential for weather to affect the majority of our viewers, we will declare a Local 3 Storm Alert Weather Day.

We will utilize Local3News.com, the Local 3 News and Weather apps, our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) and special graphics on-air to signal a Local 3 Storm Alert Weather Day.

This is one more way we are committed to giving you time to take necessary precautions and prepare your family.

When will we declare a Local 3 Storm Alert Weather Day? We will declare a Local 3 Storm Alert Weather Day when the forecast calls for weather that threatens to disrupt your life or your family’s safety. Our entire staff will be ready to switch to severe weather mode by asking our photojournalists to suit up with rain gear, our reporters to pack overnight bags and our meteorologists to be on standby at all hours of the day and night. We will dispatch Local 3’s exclusive mobile Storm Alert Weather Center, Thunder, to monitor current conditions. We will declare a Local 3 Storm Alert Weather Day for potentially damaging winds or thunderstorms, a heightened risk of tornadoes, flooding, and severe heat or snow events.

What should I do on a Local 3 Storm Alert Weather Day? Download the Local 3 Weather app and stay tuned to Local 3 on-air and online.

Local 3 ’s free Weather app will provide quick access to live radar and weather data our weather team uses to keep you safe. We will alert you directly if any watches or warnings threaten your neighborhood.

You will see Local3News.com shift to Local 3 Storm Alert Weather mode, by acting as your local weather headquarters. We will provide any watches or warnings, and live streaming of our newscast and weather coverage.

We will provide information on how to form a safety plan for you and your family and be with you every step of the way. It is one more way Local 3 is providing weather Coverage You Can Count On.