A Hamilton County group is trying to make Hunter Road safer.

It's a heavily trafficked area and there were 35 reported wrecks from January through September of last year. Also last year, commissioners pulled a resolution to allow more homes to be built in the area.

Now, driver feedback systems will alert drivers when their speed reaches more than 40-miles-per hour. The systems use a radar to say "slow down" when over the speed limit.

Hamilton County Mayor Weston Wamp says he hopes this encourages everyone speeding to slow down.

"We need the people of this community to be responsible citizens," says Wamp.

No data is recorded from the systems, nor any ticketing.

Hamilton County Chief Operating Officer David Roddy says a flashing alert system can help change dangerous habits.

"Sometimes speeding is a behavior," says Roddy. "We are trying to change that behavior by just bringing it to the attention of drivers in this area on Hunter Road to please slow down."

Hunter road

The systems are placed in three locations on Hunter Road, including outside the Discovery Point Childcare Center and near the Crooked Creek and Flagstone neighborhoods.

These locations were chosen using crash data provided by the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

"This part of the county grew faster than the people who engineered these roads decades and decades ago." said Wamp.

Mayor Wamp says the county is planning on budgeting for more road safety enhancement measures. They also have more driver feedback systems to place in other locations.

If you have a good idea of where another device should go, you can contact the Mayor's Office directly or the Tennessee Highway Patrol.