Hearing a Red-Tailed Hawk is one thing, standing a foot from one is quite the experience, just ask Local 3's Paul Shahen who spent some time with Happinest Wildlife Rehabilitation & Rescue on Signal Mountain.

Founder Alix Parks has spent more than two decades rescuing and rehabilitating birds of prey and is set to take her show on the road, so to speak.
Parks has been training with select birds to use for educational purposes. Owls, falcons, hawks and more, she's trained and certified to bring a select few birds to programs, shows, festivals or events and gave us a sneak peak. 
Leading the way is our new friend Zena, a gentle nearly blind adult female red-tailed hawk.
Parks is also looking for volunteers, workers and or understudies to keep the program growing. For any of the above, to learn more or to book Happinest at an event click HERE.