WTT Feedly app

Much of the time we spend on our phones is downtime. If nothing’s going on or we’re waiting in line, the instinct is to unlock the phone and scroll TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram. This app, Feedly helps to spend some of that time more productively.

Feedly dates back to the early days of the Internet. It’s a feed reader. Meaning, that when websites and blogs are updated, Feedly aggregates a custom feed or list of those updated sites. So rather than opening and closing dozens of websites, everything you’re interested in is in one place.

I use Feedly dozens of times a day. I subscribe to websites and blogs about tech, sports, food, and travel. Rather than checking those sites, I can open Feedly to see only what’s new.

This morning there were over 300 updates I hadn’t seen. As I scroll through them, the number drops. If I find one I want to read but don’t have time at the moment, I can save them to read later. There’s a tab showing only those updates.

You can add sites and blogs quickly. I’ll add the “What the Tech?” YouTube channel by copying and pasting the website address.

Best of all, the feeds sync between devices so I can scroll through them on a phone, tablet, or the Feedly website. It’ll change how you browse the internet and put some of that downtime to better use than wasting it on TikTok.

Feedly is a smartphone app for iPhone and Android. There’s also an iPad version and you can access the site and your feed on any computer using Feedly's website.