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With over 2 years of experience in webdesign and development that started off with learning how HTML and CSS works, into wireframing conceptual designs on Illustrator (now: Adobe XD), to visualizing and realizing the designs using modern-day frameworks; Adobe XD, WordPress, ReactJS, Bootstrap while producing the graphical work in Adobe-software, like Photoshop and Illustrator.

Having this toolset at Sinthaesia’s disposal, we can guarantee the work we do is authentic and original.

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Daan Aesseloos

Daan Aesseloos

Founder & CEO

Sinthaesia was a concept that was born while still being in school.

Its name originates from the word “Synaesthesia” – which means the neurological process of your eyes and ears composing both visuals and sounds into your perception of reality.

Synaesthesia [Independent]

Sinthaesia’s core values

We attach great importance to meet or exceed the customers’ expectations, this is why we strive to live by these 3 core values

Look & Feel

Innovation is a very common term when it comes to webdesign and everything it involves. That’s why it’s muey importante to keep the look & feel of your organization up-to-date with modern web standards.

UX / UI Design

Simple & easy usability for the customer/visitor of your webapplication is essential when it comes to the conversion of your visitors into possible clients. Just like you, every person on our lovely 🌎 likes using something that looks good and just works.


Getting your branding and look & feel right is one thing. Now, it’s my task to continue this trend across all of your webpages so it all comes down to one consistent design.



Social Media


Web Development

Email Marketing


Branding is something that accompanies every company individually. It brings forwards the image and persona the company/individual wants to represent. Branding means logo design, look & feel of the colors & design and which impression wants to be reflected towards (potential) clients.

Since a few years – when Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, … – started taking on a more serious role in publicity and spreading information efficiently amongst large(r) groups of (potential) clients, it’s very important to maintain up-to-date standards regarding social media engagement.

Analytics are as important as getting a new visitor to your website. Having insight in (Google) Analytics means you have a solid overview of where all your new visitors come from; googling the company name, social media interaction, ads, …
Being able to view your analytics makes it easier to alter some of your strategies to get even more traffic to your website!

Front-end is just as important as back-end functionality. In 2020, 52.2% of your website visitors visit your website from a mobile device. It’s nothing more than a must for your website to be responsive, user-friendly and properly functioning as expected/desired. That’s why we start off with a solid sketch of your website on paper, whereafter the sketch gets designed in Adobe XD.
We make sure your website works as intended on a mobile device, tablets and desktop computers, so your visitors can browse your website however they want.

Here at Sinthaesia, we realize it’s important to keep your clients up-to-date with changes to information and policies, or informed of any promotions/events you might be wanting to roll-out in the near future. That’s why people should be able to leave their e-mail address behind in order to stay informed. We make sure your email campaigns suit your branding and include all the essential information your visitors need.

It’s important for your website to be noticed. Google determines your page ranking by including various algorithms that can be influenced by properly configuring the website. Some of these configurations include keywords, titles, image descriptions, backlinking, back-end configuration files, …

We handle all of this, so you don’t have to worry about anything while being assured of having the best chances of scoring high on Google!

  • Branding 87% 87%
  • Copywriting 78% 78%
  • Social Media 73% 73%
  • Web Development 85% 85%
  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator – LinkedIn Assessments 88% 88%
  • SEO – LinkedIn Assessments 90% 90%

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